Hedonism is a matter of temptation.
One year ago, we were tempted to book Kaveh alias Pleasurekraft for the world tour of his first album but his calendar didn’t fit; Huntemann took the hint and came for a stunning performance in April 2018.

“Friends, Lovers, and other constellations” is the name of Pleasurekraft’s album filled with the techno cosmic accents we love at Hedonism.

During one of those long familiar winter nights in Belgium, the light appeared in our mailboxes; the author of worldwide hit Tarantula will join us at Fuse before a bouncing summer season.

Five years after his last appearance in Belgium, Pleasurekraft returns for a three-hour set with a bunch of finest local artists. Don Cabron, party owner of infamous Ketaloco and Thé Dansant parties, as well as Axel Haube, event curator of Kabaal in Antwerp. All in all with a closing made in Hedonism by Jickow and Maya Cox.