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Hedonism Party Crew | Criss Source
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About This Project

When considering the career of Criss Source, focusing on his sole hit track “Hugs & Kisses” is tempting – it is a legendary track of electronic music and was one of the most played in clubs between 2005 and 2008 – but is far from giving the whole picture of the artist!


After 20 years of being in the business, Criss is stated as worldwide DJ. It must be said that his passion for electronic music comes at a very young age. Passion that we can felt today in his sets with a rare eclecticism for a DJ of his caliber between Tech-house, techno, progressive or into a music deep & hypnotic.


We can find the same eclecticism in his productions; Parquet Records, Circle Music, Sprout Records, Yellow Tail received tracks from Criss over the last years.

“Selected with Care” could be the perfect motto for Criss as he’s privileging quality to quantity.

Proofs are the releases “The Essex” on Iboga Records and the infamous “Lost EP” on Balkan Connection in 2016.


On the same year, Criss remixed Marc Vision on Ron Flatter’s Imprint “Pour La Vie Records”. So far, this is a winning decision; each track is awaited and they are warmly welcomed from critics to djs and producers all around the world.


2017 is another year where Criss is creating the buzz. His first release is a remix for Wade Bennett and the EP is already climbing the top release chart on Beatport.

Stay focus, he’ll arrive to the well-known BluFin imprint for another remix and his duet with friend Marc Vision “Vision & Source” is now ready to take over the dance-floor.